What to Expect:

Preparing for Your Procedure

Before your procedure, one of our nurses will contact you to complete your medical history and any pre-operative instructions. During this call, please feel comfortable asking any questions about your procedure or instructions provided.

You will also receive a call from a member of our billing team in advance of your procedure. This person will review your basic demographic and insurance information.

If you have not heard from us two business days before your appointment, please call us directly at (614) 255-2900, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm.


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General Pre-operative Instructions:

Below is a list of what you need to do in the days and weeks leading up to your appointment. Your physician may provide you with more specific instructions based upon your personal medical history and planned procedure.

  • If your physician has ordered pre-admission testing, please complete this no later than one week before the day of your scheduled procedure. This testing can be completed up to 30 days before your procedure date, but no earlier.
  • If you are taking medications, please consult with your healthcare team concerning appropriate dosage on the day of your procedure. Please talk to your healthcare team about the use of aspirin, NSAIDs or non-steroidals in the days leading up to your procedure.
  • We recommend that you refrain from smoking for three days prior to surgery.
  • Based upon your specific procedure, you may be required to make arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany you to the surgery center, be available during the procedure, and drive you home following. A parent or legal guardian must always accompany patients younger than 18 years of age.
What to Expect:

Day of Your Procedure

Our number one priority from the moment we schedule your procedure until the day you arrive is your safety. Your physician, anesthesiologist and our entire staff are all dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome in a safe and comfortable environment. Here are a few things you can do to help us succeed.

  • Do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your scheduled procedure unless instructed otherwise. This includes water, gum, mints, candy or chewing tobacco. Teeth should be brushed or mouth rinsed, but do NOT swallow water.
  • Please shower or bathe the morning of your procedure. Follow all instructions from your physician about cleaning the operative site, if applicable.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Do NOT wear cosmetics of any kind, and please remove all jewelry and body piercings.
  • Please follow any instructions from your healthcare team regarding the use and dosage of medication.

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What to Bring:

  1. Drivers license or government photo ID
  2. Insurance card
  3. Any amount due to the Surgery Center
  4. We recommend you leave your wallet or other valuables at home
  5. List of medications
  6. If instructed, a responsible adult to be available during your procedure and drive you home following. (Based upon your procedure, this may be a requirement.)
What to Expect:

After Your Procedure

The days and weeks following your procedure are just as important as the care provided in the operating room. Here is what you can expect immediately following your surgery, and what you can do to ensure your very best recovery.

Immediately following your procedure:

  • A dedicated team of nurses will monitor your closely, keeping you comfortable until you are able to go home.
  • If you are feeling discomfort in your procedural area, please let us know right away.

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Days and Weeks following your procedure:

  • Your physician will provide specific instructions for recovery at home. If you have questions or concerns, please call your physician’s office.
  • For the first 24 hours, please avoid strenuous activity. If you’ve undergone any type of sedation or general anesthesia, do NOT drink alcohol, drive or make critical decisions. Please use this time to rest.
  • A Surgery Center at Easton nurse will contact you within a day or two to check on your recovery and answer any questions you may have.
  • You will receive an email asking you to complete a survey about your experience with the Surgery Center at Easton. We appreciate your honest feedback, and will use your input to improve our services.